Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How do you deal with the haters?

Fellow bloggers... how do you deal with those anonymous hate comments?

I joined a movie blogging group back in March.  And this month, I made it to their list of top ten blogs.  (for my movie challenge blog)  and nice surprise I made it to the top spot this week.
Good for me, I don't get acknowledged for my stuff often so it's a really cool surprise.
Anyways, this one commenter left a nasty comment on the group.  Anonymously.

Seriously, it upset me.  I've been mocked, bullied, betrayed... just crapped on in my life for stuff but this really bruised me.  Usually, the people who bash me have been in real life not online, and the few online ones over the years have at lest done so with their name/logo/blog etc attached.

I know it's one frealing stupid comment, and I think what upsets me most is that they didn't have the balls to do so up front.  They had to hide behind the anonymous button.

How do the rest of you bloggers deal with hate comments?  Do you just blow it off or do you address the person?