Monday, December 17, 2012

After WWE's TLC

Okay, so over on my wrestling blog, I gave my thoughts on what I was hoping would happen at the ppv tonight.
Here is what I thought about the actual ppv, and what I would have changed.

#1- Tag Team match between Rhode Scholars vs SinCara/Mysterio
#2- Cesaro vs R-Truth for the United States Championship
#3- Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship
#4- 6 man Tag Team of Shield vs Ryback/Hell No
#5- Divas match
#6- Sheamus vs Big Show for World Heavyweight Championship
#7- Miz/Del Rio/Brawler vs 3mB
#8- Cena vs Ziggler in Money in Bank match

For starters, I would have arranged it in a different order.  Since they had the Diva's match for number one contender during the pre-show, I would have then either had the actual championship match during it as well, or else opened with it.  (get it... for starters... it's late I'm cranky my humour might not be up to par)

Second... Would have not bothered to have the 3mB segment.  I get that they needed to fill time, but it was badly thought out. They should have just said it was an "impromptu match" or had the 3mB attack everyone in back "before the show" to set up the story for it.  It just felt like it was filler.  Filler should never feel like filler.

Next... This is where I would have put the tag team match for the number one contenders between Rhode Scholars and Mysterio/SinCara.  Not opened with it.   I actually like Rhodes and Sandow as a tag team, it works. I can see these two holding the titles for a year or more once they get them.

Then... I would have gone with the Cesaro vs Truth match.  This one was length wise okay, it was all Cesaro. And I'm glad, as he was my pick for this. But, my comment on R-Truth is that I don't think he's really brought anything new to his matches in almost two years.  It seems to be the same three moves all the time.  Update man, update.

From there... Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett.

Next I would have... Stuck the Money in the Bank here. Right here. Would have not bothered with any of the junk recaps of the "affair" and just jumped into the match.

Following that... I would have scheduled the Big Show vs Sheamus match.

Leading into .... I would have put CM Punk's segment here. Which would have smoothly gone into the Shield vs Ryback/Hell No.  Which in my mind should have been the main event. 

The whole flow of TLC felt wrong.  There wasn't a real buzz like I've seen on other pay-per-views. Maybe it's just me, but TLC has always been one of the throw away ppvs.  Let's get back to basics, loose TLC, loose Elimination Chamber, loose Extreme Rules, loose Over the Limit, loose Night of Champions. 
Pair the ppvs down, and give stronger storylines in the remaining pay-per-views.

-love Ardeth Blood