Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday 7/07/2012

But it's 10:13am.  I wasn't up early enough to catch the 7am part to make this a full on gimmick.

Hang on, hold your crickets you'll get it in a second when your coffee kicks in.   Yesterday was Day 207  on the movie challenge. 

get it now...

My timing was a day off, not on purpose.  My timing actually should have been more then 207, but as I sort of half explained few days ago on the movie challenge blog, there have been forces unseen taking over. 
As in, my health dragging me down and nasty evil power outages that had left me without either computer or electricity for the movies. 
In other words, even the best laid plans get frealed sometimes.

So, I'm little more then half way into the movie a day for a year challenge.  And as I type this here on this bloggy-blog, I wish I had just done the whole thing on here instead of creating a full on separate blog.  But sometimes I am my own worst enemy, and I do see things as chapters.  Different chapters for different themes.  I need more coffee...

I haven't even really gotten to the casseroles  part of the blog.  Yeah hold on with me here, it's one of those mornings.
Something I have managed to learn during all this; and it's simple might be a small issue might not be, is that I didn't realize how routine my world was.   The big rule I set for myself with this movie a day challenge is to watch one different movie a day for the year.  DIFFERENT.  Different.  That's the key word I have to keep drilling into my zombie eaten brain. 
I seriously did not realize how often I watched the same five movies. No wonder I was so bored with my life.  Seriously,  I had five movies that I would watch pretty much every day, nearly the same time of day too. 
Like supper time, I instantly grabbed Julie/Julia.  Mornings, I liked to have an episode of Sex and the City - okay not the movie usually but still the same dvds every day.  You're getting the idea here.

We are creatures of habit. If  we realize it or not.  But when do our habits/routines become the thing we need to break away from?
And the other side of the coin is that structure is good.   Confused yet? 

Okay my lovely Spudguns, that's the candyfloss this morning.