Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big blog day

Been up for a few hours, and have managed to crank out close to 5 blog posts for different blogs.
Okay, this makes the second one for this blog.

The wrestling blog, the movie blog, the year long blog, and here.

Many coffees have been consumed in the last hour, and might not be helping my ability to think straight.

I've been hinting around on some of the blogs about the up coming blog challenge I have for myself for the new year, which I'm just going to say that about until another few weeks. 
Some of you already figured it out.  beauty.

Oh my Spudguns!  I think our internet habits reflect how we are feeling internally. 

So last night was both the full moon and the lunar eclipse.  I did nothing for it.  I should have done a ritual, as it would have been a powerful night for divination, but I was too lazy.
Instead I ended up watching all of season 4 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.   Too bad I haven't seen season 3.  Seems, for some reason season 3 is not available in Canada at all. Nor does it work on youtube or anything like that, just get the "not available in your region"  message.

This past year has sent me in a tailspin.  I had my plans for the year all mapped out, and with one tiny patch of ice, all of it went out the window.

I know we still have a month left to the year, but I'm sure looking forward to the new year.