Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's babble

Dealing with yet more internet issues.  This time, because of an upgrade that seems to have wiped out stuff.

On a lighter note, today is Day 340 on the movie challenge blog.  Only 25 days to go for this first year of one different movie a day for the year challenge.    Does that seem like a mouthful to anyone else?

So, there is a movie post, so to speak, and a quote of the day post. 

Here's hoping that we the internet viewers, actually get tonight's TNA Impact before Sunday, given there is a ppv this weekend.  I'm getting tired of seeing the pre-ppv episode three days after the ppv.  Cause when that happens,  I end up not getting the ppvs.

And I like Austin Aries. He's groovy.   Say it with me now in our best Evil Dead Ash voice..... grroooovvvyyy!

Okay shinny.   I realized something the other day, I've lost my sci-fi language.  Not on purpose. It just sort of fell by the way side in the last year or so, since I've been ... shall we say dealing with the whole knee injury and it's fall out.
There are other reasons I'm sure, but I don't feel like examining my emotional self right now.

What was I saying.... right Mr. Aries.  Love that guy, and the shorts.  What you really expect me to totally behave myself?  Really? Really? Really?....Really?  Not going to happen my lovely Spudguns. 

Alright, as this blog post is getting long for no real reason, I will say it's time for a coffee.

kiss kiss noise