Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 hours later

4 hours.  4 hours it's taken to figure out how to connect my *new* PC to my wireless internet at my apartment.

I got home, under much stress and many bags of stuff and very few groceries, nearly got stuck unable to get up from my bed.  Which means, I'm sleeping on the sofa in my living room for the rest of time. Nearly got stuck trying to get around in my uber tiny bathroom.  I never realized how short my toilet really is.  Dude, until you have a leg injury and are unable to bend your legs proper, to sit or stand, you don't think about toilet height.  It's just not something you would consider.
Finally, unpacked the laptop - the in the mean time until I can afford a MAC again laptop- and went to log online.  Only it wouldn't work. 
Called the phone company to see if my internet was out,  and this is where the 4 hours comes in.   I was on hold for over an hour.  Then the tech switched me over to someone else. That was another fifteen minutes being on hold.  They said everything was fine on their end my internet should be working no issue. They switched me over to someone else.   Being on hold again for another ten minutes.  This tech told me to hit a combo of buttons at the same time.  Nothing.  Hit them again.  Nothing.  then she told me to call a computer tech because it had nothing to do with the internet on their end.
Fine, so I did.  I left a message for my brother in law who happens to be a computer tech and teacher. 
He got back to me when he got off work, and told me to hit a different combo of keys and wait two minutes then reboot.  It worked. 
Damn, he knew what was wrong in under 45 seconds.

I just hope, that in all that being on hold crap, I did not miss the phone call from the surgeon's office about the second surgery.   Which I'm still waiting to have done.

And we hit a heat wave here today too.  +34c with a +41c humidex.   What a day to pick to come home to my hovel. 

moral of the story,  always make sure your furniture is at lest thigh high