Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7th 1:32am

The book dork is in... sort of.

So my knee is coming along nicely.  One of these days I'll try to get a photo of my scar to post on here.  And since I'm one surgery away from ... well getting slightly better, I decided once again to try the book club.
Are you shocked?  Are you mad?  no but I might be.  Cause, you know, it worked oh so well before... drip drip drip don't you love the sound of sarcasm in the morning?   Yeah, well I've gotten my hands on a nice stack of books since I've been stuck on the sofa and I'd like to talk about some of them with people. Real people, face to face, no offense to my Spudguns!  but... I am starting to feel like a psy-vamp in a room full of zombies, nothing to feed off of.

I added American Psycho to my list of books I want to read in book club.   Mostly, because I bought a copy awhile ago.  It's sitting on my coffee table in my hovel.  Which is not here at mother's.

Good incentive to get back in the next few days and try again living at home, alone.

I don't know. I sort of think that doing a mini theme, like books to film, for book club might be a novel idea... yeah bad punning I know, but it's like almost 2am. Brain... no ... work right now. 
Sort of having one of those insomnia bouts again.  I haven't had one of those in months.  I think it's because I do not have any painkillers right now.  Dude, those things knocked me on my arse for hours.

Okay, so if you might be interested in reading books with me, in person or online  drop me a comment ... if my comments are actually working that is.  The commenting function seems to have a mind all it's own.
The comments on the book club blog do work .... here is the link for the latest post there

And a side note... Mercury goes direct this week. So much of the communication issues, computer issues, travel issues that have plagued people for the last month should be straightened out in a day or so.  Then, I do believe we're good until March or April of next year before there's another Mercury retrograde.  Remember, there are usually 3 per year.