Thursday, August 30, 2012

I bandaged my phone

It's been a hell of a frealing day.  I use my cell phone for an alarm, like millions do. 
When I went to turn the alarm off this morning, I dropped my cell phone and the back came off.  It is suppose to just slide back on, but it's not.  It's just backless now, maybe it's making a fashion statement, I dont' know.
So after wrestling with my cell phone for like two hours, I finally gave up and smacked some medical tape on it to hold it together.   I suppose it's time for a new phone, only I'm stubborn and like the flip style which are getting harder and harder to get.

moving on, physio therapy... went well. Was expecting to be yelled at for refusing to do anything, but all went spiffy.

The doctor's appointment... was waiting two extra hours but it went well too.  Considering the surgeon has like 80 patients per fracture clinic day, plus emergency walk ins, waiting two extra hours is nothing. 
He was very pleased with the fact my scar was clean, no goo, no extra blood, nothing out of place.  So the millions of bandages that wrapped me like a mummy is gone, and I just have a small bandage now just covering the scar. 
Next week, another appointment, and that's when the staples and stitches will be removed.
and am allowed to get back to physio therapy Tuesday, after the long weekend. 

Okay, my Spudguns... one rant ... I frealing hate the new buttons on the top of the Blogger blogs now.  The whole share buttons piss me off.

Have yet to catch up with last week's TNA Impact... might do that tomorrow. 

That's the view from the sofa for now....