Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for...

The week of Aug 9th 2012.  

Yeah, I've never really considered before just how long that title really is.  Anyways... I had to track it down online again.   Dude, that really sucks and my conspiracy theory that Spike isn't posting it on their site for a full week so that I can't do my reviews in a timely way ... and now cut to...

Cut to- Bully Ray and James Storm in the ring talking about how each is going to beat the other in the Bound for Glory Series.  This gets interrupted by a message from the Aces and Eights.   It's not clear if it was a taped message or a live one. But, I was distracted by the patch of skin at the neck of the one talking.  No tattoos.  Which means, heading back to one of my theories few weeks back, it could be Rhino. 

Cut to- a match with Magnus and RVD.  RVD got the win.

Cut to-  backstage with Roode saying how he's not going to sign the contract for this week's ppv as is.

Cut to- tag match between Daniels/Kaz vs Garrett/Devon.  Kaz got the win with a cheat, but they keep the belts.

Cut to- Sting in the back calling out the Aces and Eights

Cut to - a promo for the Bound for Glory series

Cut to -a promo by Robbie E talking about how he's got 5 points which puts him on the scoreboard. Then Hardy came down and gave him and Big Rob a 5minute beat down.

Cut to- A.J. Styles in the back talking about how he can't remember the whole Clair issue... um humm didn't Amber do that to Liam on Bold and the Beautiful not too long ago, and Phylis to Danny on Young and the Restless and Daisy to... oldest trick in the soap box man. Which has me wondering, why didn't they at lest pick an actress with some flesh on her, she doesn't even look pregnant through the face or arms. I have no idea why they decided to even have this storyline, the fans don't seem to like it at all, did you take my advice and actually hire soap writers for the creative team cause if you did, you picked bad ones.

Cut to-  Samoa Joe coming to the announce booth to have his promo about the Bound For Glory series. which was right at the beginning of a match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle ended up getting the win after many near falls for both.

Cut to- Another message from the Aces and Eights, then to a backstage scene with Anderson and Storm.

Cut to- Austin Aries talking about the contract signing for the ppv this weekend. 

Cut to- knockouts match with Gail Kim vs Tessmocker.  Tessmocker was holding the belt at the end so I suppose she won, I wasn't paying attention

Cut to- Parks backstage talking about the contract signing between Roode and Aries and then got off topic.  Then it cut to a split screen of both Roode and Aries coming to the ring.

Cut to - a promo by Kenny King

Cut to - Sting came out to the ring. He called out the Aces and Eights, and then went right on to the contract signing where upon, Roode and Aries came to the ring.  They ended up not "signing" the contract, but entered into an oral... er verbal agreement that stated whoever looses will NOT get a rematch.  Yeah, I got the choice of using the word verbal over oral too... man we're all needing our dirty minds put into the wash.

Cut to- a split screen of Storm and Bully Ray coming to the ring for their main event match.

Cut to- promos by both Chavo and Kash.  This might turn into a decent feud if it's given enough time.

Cut to- The main event.  This is a Bound for Glory match.   Bully Ray got the win with a straight up pin.  Then there was another message from the Aces and Eights saying they are targeting Bully Ray next.  

So as far as the Aces and Eights go... it's Roode.  I am slapping down my Toonies (a Canadian $2 coin) and saying that he's the mastermind behind the mask.  Just makes sense, if you're going to concoct something like that, you take a few hits yourself to deflect attention.
Or, you know back to my original theory that it's former hard core wrestlers like Dreamer, Richards, Rhino etc who's been fired.  Just because it's all in time for the Hard Core Justice ppv tomorrow.

Where I think they went wrong with this, was they did it all on camera.  Some of the "attacks"  should have been house shows and not just on tv {and if they have done some that way then disregard my last comment} In fact, were I in the creative, I would have spent a few weeks having the story progress from a house show string of incidents before allowing it to happen on air.  But, I'm just a fan so... Till next time

-love Ardeth Blood