Saturday, September 22, 2012

Libra and Temperance

The sun moved into the zodiac of Libra today.  The sign of balance.
The tarot of Temperance is connected to that zodiac.

I think it's more then fitting that I pulled that card today in a reading.
It's the card of balance, and knowing when to take time for you and when to mix with others.  It's also a card of mixing, light and dark, negative and positive, earth and water.

All this is fitting for me today too.  But I won't get into that because it would take hours to sort through.  I'll just say that I've been feeling off kilter a lot lately.  And my blogging has suffered.  Not just this blog, but my others and in turn my writing in general.

Balance, I am learning is not an easy thing to keep.  Both metaphorically and literally.  Just this past week alone, I've learned how physically off balance I've been for months.  While in physio therapy, I had to describe where any pain was while doing exercises.  And a great deal of the pain was actually in my left side, in my good leg.  That was because I'm still not putting the full amount of weight through my bad knee, my right leg.  And therefore, my balance is off.

There are certain things in my life, hobbies/shows etc that I feel out of sorts when I miss or do not have time to indulge in.
This week, I've had less time then normal for anything because of physio therapy.  And my stress levels have been higher then normal.  Again, my balance is off.

Depending on your calendar, yesterday or today is the first day of Fall.  I find this whole connection Libra-Temperance-balance-Fall  to be an interesting circle. 
Fall is needed to balance out the transition from Summer to Winter.   If there was a day where thinking about balance would be a priority, today would be a good one.