Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Aug 3rd

Surgery finally scheduled.  About bloody time.  So I go in on the 22nd to have the wires removed.

A few random thoughts on last night's TNA Impact (Aug 2nd 2012 episode) {had to hunt online for it}
- Zema Ion, does this dude measure before he does a risky move like a suicide dive?  It looks like he just goes, and doesn't take that few seconds to sort of make sure that everyone is in the right spot before he flies.  Just saying, the last few times I've seen him do a risky risky he looks to be a few inches off the mark.

- The use of Chavo.  It's been two or three weeks and I don't know if they handled his debut right.  There has been a ton of fan fair but it seems like he's getting held back.  To me, I think they should have either not announced his coming over and had it be a massive surprise just showing up for the match and gone for that shock factor,  or they should have given him either the opening match.  I get that they are trying to build a feud for him and with it, help restructure the tag team and X-Division, which is the best idea right now.  But with that said, his big debut match seemed like it was not thought out at all.

- Robbie E vs Bully Ray.  Could creative make up their minds if they are going to use Robbie E to help build one of the divisions or if he's just going to be fodder for a while?   It's like, they have this talent who is being pushed sort of but not really and then they change their mind.  Pick a side and stick with it for a few months.  Let him win something important, like the X-Division belt or the tag team belts with Big Robbie. 

Okay that's enough of that for now...

And something to chew on... what is the connection between the movie Ninth Gate and the book Don Quixote?  

Just some random thoughts from the sofa today.