Monday, August 6, 2012

The world is a subway...?

I was hunting down old rock videos on youtube, cause I've got too much damned time on my hands. and I came across the Our Lady Peace video for Superman's Dead... the american version.

The version I always saw on MuchMusic was with the lead singer of the group Serial Joe but what I came across online, was the version with a bunch of clowns. 
I seem to remember that there was about 15 years ago, a big scuffle with the music channels on the whole topic of if they should always play just the Canadian versions or if they should mix it up and play American versions sometimes as well?

I never understood why there needed to be different versions anyway?

Our Lady Peace,  50-40, I Mother Earth, Headstones, Tragically Hip, The Tea Party,  Age of Electric, Moist,

Some of the best to come out of Canada in the last 25 years.   I'm aging myself again I know, but damn it janet... it's just one of those days.

Hope you're all having a great long weekend here in Canada.