Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Oct 26th 2012

I just finished catching up with last week's TNA Impact (the episode from Oct 18th 2012)

Are we working on reestablishing the tag team division?  By my count there are 5 tag teams on Impact right now

1. Daniels/Kazarian
2. Chavo/Hernandez
3. Styles/Angle
4. The Robbies
5. Kash/Gunner

Does this still seem like it's a bit on the thin side to anyone else?  Can we get two more to make it a bit more even for television?
Maybe some of the "gut check" winners or something?

And it would seem Austin Aries is going heel... okay, that works for me.  I'll take Aries anyway he's being delivered. 

But you know my heart lays with the X-Division belt.  Right now, I don't care who holds the X-belt as long as they are given some more storyline and air time.  Though, I'm not really happy with finding out Zima Ion lost the X-Division belt, but I'd love to see a feud build around him getting it back.

So that's the score from my sofa today.