Saturday, October 6, 2012

I can't believe she did that

I was reading online, some craft blogs and came across a few Hallowe'en style projects people have been doing.
One really got my attention, for the wrong reasons.   This one lady had created a scrapbook from an old book.  I guess she had wanted a hardcover book for the project.  But what had me sort of open mouthed in shock catching flies, was that she mentioned it was a 1st edition from the 1940's.  No idea what the book itself was, that was already covered with the scrapbook paper.
But, seriously, why would anyone destroy a 1st edition of anything?     I know that the world is digital now, but there may come a day when we need to return to paper ... what makes the new tv show Revolution so good is that it could happen...   and it just pains me to think there are people out there that feel old books are just old books.  Dude!
Books are still the one thing in the history of mankind that proves we've evolved above.

Okay, done ranting for the day. Just the idea of destroying a book always sets my teeth on edge.