Wednesday, October 3, 2012

zombie holes

It's October season.  Yes, October is a season all it's own, we've covered this in previous years.

I'm getting ready for physio therapy...yay doctors. Go team knee-cap!  Having my coffee and still trying to figure out how many comments I need to earn a Dark Shadows sticker over on GetGlue?
I'm on the "old style"of GetGlue, as the new one seems to be designed only for people who use apps and don't talk about anything other then the football game.
You can find me as ArdethBlood on there if you care to.  yes, all one word big A big B

Speaking of Dark Shadows, I watched it yesterday and it was all I talked about online. If you're interested you can check out my small post  on my movie blog  as Day 281

I still am so far off on getting a handle on things right now.  There will be some wrestling posts done some point this week.  Just not today and not now as I'm running a bit late this morning. Which also seems to be a habit lately.

And now off to physio therapy. Go team knee-cap!