Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Aug 19th 2012

Sunday night, reading up on the results for the WWE pay-per-view on the net, because I did not order the SummerSlam cause I'm broke.
I'm not liking what I am reading on there.  But anyways....

My 1 movie a day for the year challenge is coming alone nicely.  I don't want it to end.  Odd to say given I still have 3 months on the challenge to complete.  But I've already started a list of movies I'd like to get to for a second year.
Projects connected to movies that I'd like to get a chance to work on. 

After next week when I get home again... for good this time.

I was thinking about that this morning, the fact that I've been stuck on my mother's sofa with a broken leg for most of the year.  I spent most of November of 2011 and part of December 2011 with my broken foot, unable to get up the stairs at my own place.  And now the shattered knee since the end of February. 
Dude, there is going to be a major imprint of my shape left on the sofa here when I do finally get home.

This has by certain been one of the hardest curve balls that life has thrown at me.

And that would be the view from the sofa tonight