Friday, December 21, 2012

My favourite TNA moments of 2012

I'm sitting here, having read a few movie blogs talking about their favourite movie moments of 2012, and thinking.  Well, I already gave my movie lists the other day over on my movie blog
and I haven't talked as much this year about TNA like I normally you see where this is going.

This was Austin Aries's year. Without a doubt, he made the biggest impact in TNA. Going from the X-Division to the TNA title was no easy feet. But he made it seem well, seamless. His story was strong at lest for the first half of things, but he always made it seem like he controlled the script. (trust me when you think about that sentence it will make sense)

One of those highlights, was his match at Against All Odds for that X-title against Alex Shelley. I did hate the fact Mr. Shelley lost to Mr. Aries, but that match was killer. One of my all time favourite matches.
Another highlight would be his match against Robert Roode at Destination X  when he won the TNA title.

Another highlight for me, was the return of Chris Sabin.  Even though it was short lived. (How is the knee?) I believe the direction of TNA would have been a different one if Mr. Sabin hadn't been injured the second time. 

The only other highlight was Joey Ryan.  I think he had the best story, the best campaign all around. He made use of snips of time, made excellent use of his indie background and found a way to get heard over, many of the  overexposed guys.  Let's face it, he helped to bring interest back to some of us fans who were fed up with the same dren. The dude has a way with a camera.

I have to admit, this year for me on a personal level was just not good, and I found little that I connected with in general this past year. Wrestling being one of those things.  I saw less ppvs then I had hoped, and with the fact that my only way to see TNA is online, things didn't gel for me much.

Here's to a cool and fabulous 2013.

love Ardeth Blood