Saturday, July 2, 2011

A word from our sponsor

If my blog had a sponsor, which it does not.

New month, new season, new round of issues to deal with.

Reading - Models Incorporated    by Carole Alt.    for the hell of it.

In my normal series of weekly rants and what the hells,  I logged on to the net yesterday and there was an email from iTunes Canada saying that there was an episode of TNA-Impact for download.  Could it be, could they have re-added the show? 
No it seems not.   What they gave me was a random episode from over a month ago because I had one episode left on my season pass.  When I tried to look it up on iTunes Canada, there is no listing at all.  What they did, was kick over an episode from the American iTunes.  Which by the by, still carries the show.  Bastards. 
So back to waiting for Spike site to put up the episode for this past Thursday. 

Massive storms here last night.  Which put a damper - all puns intended-  on the Canada Day stuff that was going on last night.  Also knocked out the internet and some cell service for hours last night.