Sunday, July 31, 2011

The look alikes?

Picture it, me walking out of a Blockbuster, at noon, standing in the way too hot sun waiting for the lights to turn when I see these two men in a vehicle right beside me at the lights who are looking at me as if they might recognize me, two guys who looked a hell of alot like two major WWE stars.

This is impossible right?   I mean, really now, even if this was the real Morrison and Gabriel, what the hell would they be doing here? 

Even if by chance it was the real deal and they were using the main street as a shortcut to another city, which is the only thing that this city is good for, why would they be looking towards where I was?  Okay, I was standing at the corner right in front of the Burger King-Tim Hortons parking lot. And yes, I know I'm the wrestling blogger everyone loves to hate and hates to love, but guys that far up the food chain would not know who I am... would they?

Must have been a couple of look alikes.  That's my theory.  That or the heat and sun made me hallucinate two guys who looked like them.
Yes, lets go with the look alike idea, because if I were going to hallucinate two WWE superstars, I'd have hallucinated Sheamus and Wade Barrett whom I have a crush on.