Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why is your city on my tv?

Lalalalala. Oh it's time for Bold and the Beautiful, which comes on CBS which we get from Minneapolis...  this was me this afternoon, right after mom got back to town. Coffee in hand tv remote in the other, switching to the proper channel when  screeching halt... What the freal???? That's not the right channel call letters... WWJ TV ????????? What the freal????? 

We now have all our American channels from ... Detroit!  There is a conspiracy to drive me mad, I know there is.  Why do I say this, because  A) one of my favourite bands -Twiztid- is from Detroit.  B) my two favourite wrestlers- Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin- are from Detroit. C) my sister before she was a Pittsburgh Penguins fans she was a Detroit Red Wings fan and now... the tv stations we get from the US are all from Detroit.
Why the switch if not to drive me over the edge?  I find this disturbing and ironic after my post earlier about how Mr. Shelley made the Detroit heroes comment on the promo. 

The tortures of the damned!
Yes I am babbling now because it's too hot here to sleep.  Was a bit of a puzzle though as the local Thunder Bay station never said anything about the switch.