Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wed 8:39am

Oh my god. My company website needs a complete overhaul.
I was about to check morning emails as usual, when one of my links didn't work.  Went in to find the web hosting company I have been using since 2006, changed everything in their systems.  I managed to log in without too much trouble, but when I did, what was facing me was a very messy website.

I realized I hadn't done anything on in 4 years!  Wow.  What seemed so uber chic just a few years ago, in the smoke filled dim light of the morning, I see for it's true self.  A big chaotic blob of purple.

I was looking at it not even sure where to start.  Have to set aside a day or two to clean it all up, maybe even start from scratch. Give me time to think about how I want it all looking.

In the mean time, it's finally started to rain here and the heat has dropped to about 20c