Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Morning babble

I got asked by my brother in law, why do I still watch wrestling if I'm not ... happy with it?

I had no answer.
Me, no answer.

So I puttered around mom's apartment letting this question fester in my mind, till I literally made myself sick.
Why do I still watch wrestling?
I mean, it's more then just the hot men in tights cause if that was all it was I'd just watch ballet... me sitting through five hours of ballet, that's a coma inducing nightmare if ever there was one. Not into your typical chick entertainment, hate the opera hate the ballet.
But even I have said more then once that there is an element of dance to wrestling, so I suppose that the ballet idea is not completely off...

Hang with me, haven't had coffee yet and I just had to run to the Spike site to watch the Austin Aries vs Shannon Moore match again from last week's show (July 14th 2011 episode)  This is why I liked to get the show before on iTunes Canada, to be able to watch the matches over again.  Damn the Canadian iTunes for not carrying it anymore. Bastards.
You know, on anyone else, those tiny shorts of Aries would look wrong, but on him they work. I kinda mean that from an attitude point of view as much as a style one.
And according to Alex Shelley in his little promo for next week for his X-Division match against Brian Kendrick,  according to him he's going to win because not only does his city need heroes, they need championships.  Really, your city can't be doing any worse in the winning department then mine is. I can't remember the last time this floating toilet of a city I am currently chained to ever won anything. Okay, so we have those hockey brothers but who cares that was two years ago.
I say it's too soon for him to win. Kendrick just got his hands on the title for the first time didn't he (?) and I believe he's going to hang on to it for a few months before having Shelley take it from him. Here's what I think the X-Division will spring on us... Spuddy you listening close here got your fruity-O's and tea... I think that Shelley and Aries will have a nice feud leading into Bound for Glory where upon Shelley will get the X belt, have a nice run leading into December and Chris Sabin will make his recovery-return and demand a title shot. Which of course, would be like one of the longest rematch wait periods in the division, as I am referring to when Shelley won the X belt back in 2009 ... that was the Against All Odds ppv wasn't it? This is what I get for having left my best of the MMG dvd at home, can't look it up... So to answer my brother in laws' question, why  do I still watch wrestling if I'm not happy with it? Well according to the company logo, wrestling matters again. According to the X-Division guys Detroit needs heroes and the people need someone to believe in. But I think both Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley will tell you that SIR I HAVE AN ADDICTION. One that seems to want a bit of an outlet.