Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That was a crap ending

I was watching the afternoon replay of WWE's Raw, and the ending was just a big old crap out.
CM Punk showed up in full gear to new ... er twenty year old music... and held up the old belt to a crowd of screaming fans.

Which would have been fine, if he were holding it up in front of Rey Mysterio, but no, he was holding it up to Cena.   That blew dog balls man.  Beginning of the show, Mysterio won the newly designed belt, then end of the show, Cena won it back in a rematch.  Oh god could creative get any more lazy?!

Worse part of the show was Jim Ross making his return.  Gag me with a microphone really now.  Remind me again why I watch the show still?
Right, so I have something to bitch about for a few paragraphs online.

The return of CM Punk was a good thing, bit sooner then expected but a good thing.  Too bad they handled it the way they did. 
Had they been smart and not lazy, they could have done a good shockwave with him either in a week's time or in the middle of the money in the bank cash in, or you know without music and graphics and have him in "street clothes"  for a real run in.    I think I'm as pissed about the way "run ins"  are done then anything else right now.   We know run ins are going to happen about once a show by someone, so why can't some of them seem more of the moment and not so staged?  Even though we know they are, can't you make like it's not?  Specially for such a large storyline as the return of CM Punk?

Okay, bitching for the night over.  Having coffee and watching a vampire movie now.