Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6:21 am on a Tuesday

The birds are making noise.  There was a slight toss of rain.  The sun has not broke through the overcast clouds just yet.  The first rumbles of the buses and the transport trucks.  The smell of fresh baked bread and muffins from the grocery and donut shop mixed almost perfectly with the early morning laundry someone is doing a few buildings away.  Then there are the few college students who take summer courses as they trek past the open window singing with their iPods.  The little Italian men who greet each other first thing on their way to work. The pool staff for the community who work the Native school in summer for the swim team. The few secretaries for the chiropractor's office at the other end of the street.  Laughter. Laughter in about four languages before 6:30am.   This is the moment of the day I love best. Love hearing from my bedroom window just before my alarm goes off.