Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And now it's morning

They are reworking the fire alarms in my mother's building this morning. It's like time to make our ears bleed.

Did I ever mention in the last week that the planet Uranus is now going in a retrograde motion? Sorry, dude, Spudguns, Spuddy, the planet Uranus is now going in a retrograde motion until December.
I wish I could tell you off hand what that means, but I don't have all my snazzy books with me here at mom's. Just the calandar which, given it's not even my spiffy Witche's one, I can't tell you much other then that.

I know, you're all thinking "what do you mean you can't fill in the gaps on this information? What kind of vampire of all knowlegableness are you?"
Well my lovely Spudguns, one that is basically a gorlified naughty librarian. and I'm still hating my mother's computer. Makes the sarcasm harder to write. And even worse that there's no kind of spellcheck thingie on here and I don't have a dictionary with me.

Must need more to get coffee. Carry on.