Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another can't sleep

Another night I am awake at an hour I shouldn't be.  But I did just get to watch this week's Impact-TNA episode (July 21 2011 episode) 
This is the part where I say  Mr. Shelley, are you okay?  and then say I knew he would not get the belt that soon. Which I believe I posted on here few days ago... here
We all know that he'll get a rematch soon.  The question is, will it be next week or in a few weeks time at the ppv?  I think, Austin Aries will screw up that one for him too.  Just saying.
Oh and I suppose this is where I would make a comment about the pants if I were playing by my own blogging rules... Mr. Shelley I just did not care for those new pants. They were too busy, just too much going on with them. It's like you could not make up your mind as to what you wanted them to look like and added everything but the kitchen sink.