Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy people love me

I was walking to the bank, when this chick this morning (yesterday now as it is after midnight)  crossed the street and started to talk to me.   Seemed harmless enough at first, as she was talking about my tattoo.  Many people come up to me and start asking about my ink which is to be expected.   Then she made a comment about my tee shirt then asked me if I was 24?  
Awww, that I said was the nicest thing anyone's said to me in years.  Then I told her I was 37 and she raised an eyebrow at me telling me there was no way I could be that old. 

Then the crazy started.
She started to ask me how I would feel about being forced to marry a man who was 67 years old.   My reply was why?   I don't think she heard me, because she continued on with telling me about being locked in a closet with the dogs scared for her life because of some 67 year old man then just stopped mid sentence, mid step and said "I don't know why I bother when no one will ever get my point"   then told me to have a great day as she went into Starbucks.

All I could think as I continued to the bank was  what the hell is it that crazy people keep being attracted to me like moths to flames?   What the freal am I putting out there in the universe that dren like this happens to me?