Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm starting this at 1030am.  Most likely won't actually post it till later in the day.
I just can not get over the heat already.   We've hit a +24c with a 32humidex already.
I've got the air conditioning on, have had it on since I got up at 730.
This is nuts. Just totally sickening. And I mean that literally.  Went to get mom's paper this morning, and all I could smell was vomit in the hallways. Few of the pets in this building are feeling it worse then us humans and got sick all over the hallways.
I'm going to say, I totally fear getting that bad myself.
You've all heard me say a million times already over the course of blogging, but I just am not designed for this heat. 

Seems they got some bad weather and mom is stuck in Gander for another night. So I am still hanging around her place for an extra day, soaking up the air conditioner.
Trying to watch Impact from last Thursday. Not sure what I think of the episode so far. Only about mid way through it, but will say this much.... Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman! He frealing won the Ultimate X.  And when I say He, in this post today, I am meaning of course, Alex Shelley.  Wow. Very cool. Can't lie, I am surprized on it, happily surprised, but surprised none the less.  Not surprised at all to see that Austin Aries won his contract match.
You know, something tells me that Mr. Shelley won that Ultimate X match just to prove me wrong.