Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid meal time update

Dear Spudguns:

So, Ninja and J. showed up to fix the air conditioner, and look at the computer. We all came to the same idea, mom spends too much time in Facebook.
J. says the computer is working fine. I second that today.

Yesterday, I mentioned making raspberry jam.  Well, I got the energy for it once the air conditioner was put in. Dude, we hit 44c humidex by noon.  It's one of those days where everything is damp from the heat, and I mean everything even the curtains. Anyways, I made the jam, only there really wasn't much in the container to really be called jam. It's more the amount of a light sauce.
Not to say it didn't turn out, it just really wasn't much more then about five large tablespoons of it. So considering it a sauce today and not a jam.   Will have to pick up a few more containers of raspberries tomorrow and make more.  Didn't use anything over the top, raspberries, sugar, water and a few spoons of apple juice.

Finally finished reading As Always Julia.   It was one of those things where I was beyond hyper to get my hands on, then it sort of dragged me down.   Part of that had to do with the politics, and part had to do with the fact that I did not get to just sit for two or three days straight to read it.  As this was one for the hell of it and not a review, I just picked it up and read a few pages at a time over the course of the last two months. Just dipping in when I had a few minutes.

So the next thing to finish reading is Persuasion for book club. Been reading it on computer, and will have to sort out where in the physical book I actually am when I get home on Tuesday. The email version having it's pages shorter then physical book pages.
Sort of thinking of getting my hands on another cooking memoir. Maybe something from Bourdain?  Just in such a biography mood last few months not too mention the whole food thing.

Wishing I could see the ppv tonight. Bad enough I will have to settle for just the updates tomorrow. My bet for the one money in the bank match is Del Rio, and the other is Wade Barrett.  I think they are going to go for heavy hitters on that and I am betting on Christian getting the main title from Orton and Punk getting the other.  Just because of what Barrett said on Smackdown this week when he was doing commentary.

Well, long post. Need to go make supper. Have no idea what I'm making, but have butter softening for cookies.

Ardeth Blood