Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I want to scream

You remember few days ago I talked about wanting to be the white knight for my sister?   Well, it so does not look like it's going in that direction now.

We looked at the house, twice.  Sister loved it. Little old lady was set on a price.  Ninja and brother in law got the money and were about to sign with a lawyer.  
Then today the little old lady freaked out.  Saying she wasn't going to sell and that they never agreed on a price.
This all on the phone.  Ninja called me freaking out, now my brother in law is pissed and it's all in my lap.

It sucks on so many levels.  After years of not getting along, my sister and I were finally getting along and now I'm the villain in her eyes because I told her about the house. 
Dude!  I'm not the one who changed my mind because she thought the price was not high enough. 

Now Ninja is not even taking my calls.   What a frealing week.