Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well it's a Sunday of a ppv

I used a screen capture for this post

Damn! I miss that logo. And no, I do not have a screen capture of the new one. Don't like the new colours.
Anyways, here I am, your favourite ghoul next door, the girl who made you scream ... oh hell it's too early for any kind of gimmicks.

I have NOT seen last Thursday night's Impact yet.  I am still waiting for Spike site to add it.  Waiting is something I hate.  But my cousin forwareded me some other blog newsletter thingie and you know I need to weigh in on this. 

This of course being tonight's big X-Division ppv.  Who/What I think will happen.

A.J. Styles vs Daniels.    = I think this will go to Styles.  just because. No seriously, I don't have a real reason other then Styles being the idenitfying icon of the division.  HOWEVER, I do think Samoa Joe will some how get invloved in this one.  Really, few weeks ago when they announced this match, I thought it was going to be a three way to rekindle the old feud the lot of them had.

Abyss vs Kendrick for the X Division belt = I am seeing others going for the hardcore element and voting for Abyss.   I'm going for Kendrick on this one.  The storyline has been building for the last few months, and I just can not see Kendrick failing to "rescue" the belt and save the division. Specially given his character as of late and the line up for the Ulitmate X match.

Shelley vs Robbie vs Moore vs Red = I'm putting my money on Red for this one.  I know everyone and their dog's grandmother thought I would vote for Mr. Shelley, but I don't think I've ever seen him win an Ultimate X? Besides, I think with the 4 way contract match line up, there are other plans for Shelley.

Aries vs Evans vs Ion vs Loki{LowKi/Senshi/Kaval or whatever his name is this week}  = Since I repeat I still haven't seen this past week's show, I'm going on the three guys I have seen in the last few weeks.  My money is on Aries.   Not only is he worthy of it, he's a fan favourite, and he's got history with Shelley.  I am betting Austin Aries gets the contract and then is either put in a tag team with Shelley reforming their Paparazzi  OR which might be even more interesting,  they have a really great feud. Which I do believe they had over in ROH did they not?

Joe vs Kaz = Kaz will tie this one up. Which I think will fuel Joe to made a statement by getting into the Styles/Daniel match

RVD vs Lynn=  Neither.  Someone from their ECW days are going to pop up.  Just a gut thought.

The open challenge that I am reading about from Williams.  Again, since I haven't seen this week's show, I have no idea what kind of challenge he's made. Is it a submissions match? A general match? A hang your flag on the ultimate x and see who reaches it first match? I have no idea. So depending on what kind of match it is... Eric Young.  Just throwing a name out there. Or you know his own tag partner Magnus. Because, let's face it, Douglas Williams is the heat in that tag team.

Okay, that's what I have to say on this one my Spudguns. Remember, I am flying blind on this from not having seen this week's episode yet. It seems Spike posts the shows on Tuesdays now. But you would think the week of a ppv they would up their schedules.  Anyways, this is all based on what I have been reading online. Not sure if I should thank my cousin for sending me the other blog's newsletter thingie or slap him?

To the men in the Ultimate X match, be safe.