Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little things part two

A curse I swear is upon me.

Remember two days ago, I mentioned that my brand new cammy strap broke on the first wearing... well, today, my mother's dvd player ate my dvd.
Yes, yes it did.   How, I have no idea. It was playing proper then suddenly little green digital squares then it froze up then crashed.  It looked like someone had spilled something on it, like water damage. 
Which, by the by, was not there before I put it into the machine.  Pigs, swine, fiend! Damn you dvd player.
{shake your fist with me now}
So in my semi-angry-semi-panicked state, I called Blockbuster and asked their thoughts on the matter.  Their advice, bring it in for a spin in the thingie that buffs the insides of dvds.  Only cost you $3.
It was my Twin Peaks Gold Collector's Disk 1  that I got while in Niagara Falls back few years ago. Boxset.  So you know, its a large box set. Here's me, searching my mother's apartment for something, anything I can carry the single dvd down the street in without damaging it more.  I grabbed a cd cover, that I'm guessing the cd for is in her cd player as it was not in the cd case.
I get to the blockbuster, and the manager whom is now my hero for she did fix it, and show her my poor damaged Twin Peaks Gold Collecters Disk 1, and she screwed up her nose looking at it.  Neither of us could figure out what the hell happened. But somehow, she got it fixed, ran it through the store machine and it worked perfect.
So, now I'm scared of my mother's dvd player. I'm still clueless on how or why it ate my dvd to begin with and not sure I should feed it anymore movies.

But it's the tiny things that disrrupt your day to day life that cause chaos and disappointments.