Friday, July 22, 2011

I want to be the white knight

I want to be the one to find my sister and brother in law their house.   Do not ask me why I need to do this, I just do.
The 97 year old lady who lives two doors away from me, is selling her house. My sister wants the house. She asked me to talk to the lady about the price.  I got the answer just now after a 45minute tour of the tiny 3 bedroom brick house.  Now, if only my sister would answer her damned cell phone!

Here is the thing.  My sister has never needed me or as it seems really wanted to be part of my life.  So why the hell am I driving myself insane doing this grunt work for her? 
I made a pack with her two best friends a very long time ago, that we would step aside in order for Ninja to get an item in life.  Those two friends of hers promptly turned around and did everything to block my sister from the thing they promised to help on.

Yes, it was years and years ago. Yes it was a promise made by a couple of teenaged addicts.  But I believed completely in what I said.   My word, my honour is all I have. I'm a writer.  So, yeah, as crazied as this might sound to anyone reading this,  even crazier then some of the other things I've said/typed over the last decade;  I have to live up to my end of the bargain.

This is what happens when you have no husband. You start to feel... I can't even put it into words.