Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did you see his hair?

If you've been following my wrestling blog at all or any of the random Wade Barrett ramblings I've been posting, then you know I've been watching his hair.
Yes, his hair.   Dude!  It doesn't move!  {laughing like a lunatic right now}  Seriously, he weighs it down with like five pounds of product and it never even hits a breeze.  I've dubbed him Jughead Jones,  from the old Archie comics because of the style he's sporting with that do.
Anyways,  on this week's episode of WWE Smackdown,  he had a match with Kane, and you know what?   The hair got messed up.  I love it.
I know, totally silly to be talking about the guy's hair, but it's one of those little things that just makes you giggle.  Sorry, I know he's this massive wrestling superstar and I just wanna talk about his hair. 
I wish I had a photo of it.  It was cute, come on admit it.  You Spudguns who watch the show know what I mean. 
He takes a major beating every week, but yet his hair never even so much as a single strain falls out of place. Even when he lands on his skull. It just does not move.  And then this week, it was sticking up in all directions when Kane grabbed him by it. 
Okay, just love the fact that yes, even superstars have moments of being human on tv. 

And me, well I've never really had a good hair day yet.