Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday just before 8am

The heat finally broke here.  We had a massive storm last night, with a hail warning and even a tornado warning.
Currently sitting at a lovely 19c right now.  From what I could tell this weather system is moving East.
So last night, was having supper with mom, she got a call to babysit and then the storm hit.  I was thinking I would have to stay at her place.  Which given the fact I just spent two weeks there feeling pretty sweet, you would have thought that would be a fine idea.  But the storm simmered down a little around 9:30pm and all I could think was getting home.
Crazy right. Right. I'm sitting here right now watching my bedroom curtains dance in the wind. They are calling for the heat and humidex to be up in the 40 celsius again today.  Which I think is something like 104F ?  or something.  I was never good with converting stuff.
Now, I'm off to yet another doctor's appointment.