Sunday, July 17, 2011

What day is it?

It is a Sunday isn't it? Dude, I don't even know anymore.
Just went to get mom's paper. They only deliver it to the lobby and even though they have them all wrapped in plastic and with the apartment number printed on them... they still leave them in the lobby.  Someone had been stealing the paper while back, because mom usually waits till noon to go and get it.
But, since I've been here, well yeah.  What else is there to do? So as I come back in, I notice what I thought was a dead splattered moth on the door. So I sort of batted at it with the rolled up paper. It fell and shimmed off into the corner of the hallway rug.  I almost screamed. I think it was a centipede.All black and streaked with grey. I just kept thinking  A) I stupidly walked out bare foot B)  That is the second time this week I've seen one of those in the area of the Green Lady's door  C) It made me think of the movie Naked Lunch

Brother in law J. is finally coming to put in the air conditioner this morning. Great with one day to go before mom gets back. 
We hit a high yesterday of +39c with a humidex of +44c  after I had blogged. Now we're under another torando and thunderstorm watch because of the heat.

J. is talking about taking the computer to fix it. If he does, I will be lost and crazy by the time I get home tomorrow night for not having a computer.