Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snack time

Cinnamon cookies.
That is what I decided I was going to do this morning instead of the cake. 
I wish I had a camera to get a photo of them.  But sadly, still at mom's and don't even have my own computer to use the webcam.

But, the second I added the cinnamon, I thought, oh god I frealed it all.  Cause it was too dry.  I added more butter. Still too dry.  Added more butter.  Still too dry. Added yet more butter thinking maybe I need another egg?  But it mixed finally. 

Then looking in the bowl, it did not look like cookie dough, but more like meatball mix.  Tasted like cookie dough, but looked like meatballs because of the colour from the three spoons of cinnamon.

Tasted fine though.

So why am I on a massive cookie binge right now?  I think I just need something to do, so that I don't have nothing to do.  Cooking helps.