Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vampire Break- July 2011

I was reading the latest issue of Cineplex Magazine, and they decided to do a small article on vampires with the coming remake of Fright Night just around the corner.
The magazine counted down their 9 top vamp things, which they listed as their Vampire Film Awards. 

9 yes 9. Not 10 but 9.   Seems an odd number but whatever right. 
They gave Best Vampire Hair  to Lost Boys (1987)
Best Vampire Fangs  to  Grace Jones in Vamp (1986)
Best Vampire Couple to The Hunger's David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve (1983)
Best Vampire Seduction to Interview with the Vampire for the Cruise/Pitt bite (1994)
Most Unbelievable Vampire Hobby   to Twilight for the vampire baseball. (2007)
Most Gruesome Vampires   30 Days of Night  (2007)
Best Dressed Female Vampire  to Underworld for Kate Beckinsale  (whole series of films)
Best Dressed Male Vampire to Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Hall of Fame Golden Cape Award to Christopher Lee for all the Hammer films

I'm with them for about 75% of these choices.  I agree that Lost Boys gets the best vamp hair hands down.  Gary Oldman getting best male dressed- agree.  I do agree that Twilight deserves the worst most unbelievable vamp hobby cause that's just... Best couple to the Hunger - yes, Best seduction to Interview with the Vampire, and I do not care for either of those actors Crusie or Pitt, watching their films is like torture for me. The hall of fame golden cape award hands down belongs to Sir Christopher Lee.  
But best dressed female, best fangs, and most gruesome... those I have to disagree on.

With the hundreds of vampire movies I've seen over the years, those three categories are tough ones actually.  I think I would have given best fangs to the original Fright Night. 

All this is making me little hyper waiting for the re-make of Fright Night that comes out next month.