Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7th

Okay, right off, I hate hate hate hate hate the new layout for blogger.  Who do I bitch to about getting it switched back?????

Right, now, on to the blog post. Supper was pasta and homemade sauce.  Had the garlic in oil, and realized no onion.  Damn.  put the rest of the ingredients in the sauce pan, and it still came out little oily. Cause I had it figured for onion -the oil I mean.

Watching Eat Pray Love.  Wanting to know why on the Spike site, almost everyone but AJStyles and AlexShelley have yet to do one of the wrestling matters videos. What EPL has to do with wrestling ... I don't know either Spuddy.

Okay, now I have to spend an hour cleaning the kitchen that I spent an hour this afternoon cleaning.  And all I had was pasta-sauce-garlic bread...

So here's me sitting around mom's place, still waiting for the repair guy for the window that never showed that was suppose to have been here three days ago, and I hear this weird noise.  This little high pitched sound, and realize my cell phone is dead.  I smarty that I am, left my charger at home.  So I toss on my hoodie, hood up because I didn't wash my hair today, and boot it to my place grab the charger just as I step out the door to come back to mom's, down pour like hard pennies.  I get back turn on the tv and see we are in a tornado warning. Lovely.
I still hate using my mother's computer too.  Okay, enough of me for tonight. Waiting now for this week's episode of WWE NXT.