Monday, July 11, 2011

If you can't take the heat

Get out of the kitchen.  Or in this case, the city.
Dude, I wish I had somewhere other then this city to be right now.  It's not even noon yet, and it's already a frealing +29c feeling like +34c with humidex.
I'm not designed for this weather.  I'm just not.

So here's me this morning, having to go to the bank and the grocery, which by the by are next door cause I'm crashing at mother's while she's away, and by the time I got to the bank, which was what a two minute walk, I was looking like a wilted leaf.

Get to grocery, and Lemon-Zest Stock Boy was working, he seemed like he wanted to talk too.  But, seriously, I was just in such a ...melting mood... I just snarled and now I feel bad. Yeah nice way to make friends.
Worst part is, I'm really starting to like this guy.