Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday night after 9

Been a weird few days.  Can't believe in a few hours we will be in Dec. already.   Where did the year zip off to?

I know, back earlier in the year, (might have been the old blog?)  I said I was going to face my fears this year.  I did a few and still have many.
One of the things was to go back to a bar, as I have not stepped foot in a bar (there has been hotel lounges but that's not a bar- bar) since 2004. Because I'm terrified of bumping into my Ex the musician/dj  
I have yet to face that fear of going to a bar again.  It's still a stupid but big fear.  One I KNOW once I do get over it, I'll truly get over it.

Another fear was talking to Mr. Shelley.  Yeah, the dude intimidates me massively.  Few people in my social circle would say I managed to face that fear via the blogging, and some would say that Myspace email at the earlier part of the year that I was pestered into would cover it too.  Hmm. The Myspace doesn't count as he never replied back.
So depends on your point of view I suppose on that fear. Time will crawl.

Hmmm.  Both my major fears have to do with men. 
Men, can't live with them and it's illegal to shoot them.
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