Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6:55 PM

And my back is killing me.

Oh my dear Spudguns, we're all in a fine mess now.  My sister the Ninja, is waiting for an MRI now.  Yeah, big mess.  She's not even sure what she's done to herself but she's done something to herself. Big time.  Her right arm is messed up.  The emergency doctor sent her for a round of X-Rays and they found nothing, but he wants to make sure it's nothing major. 
Thinks it's a pinched nerve or slipped/herniated disc.  She can't move her right arm more then an inch and her fingers have become so swollen she can't use her hand.  

Of course she's right handed.  And she works as a medical secretary. 

Yeah, I know, my family should have their own X-Ray room we're there so often.  It's the O.I. and it's starting to hit my sister in abundance.