Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maybe I just want to break your Heart

I was once told I would make a great goth model by some randomly anonymous commenter on my very first blog.  I took great offence (offense if you're american) to that comment. 
I had one ex boyfriend tell me I was cripplingly sexy.  I freaked out on him thinking he was mocking me.
I've gotten alot of remarks from uberly creepy old guys and eighteen year olds. I'm still waiting for something in between.

In the end, like every other woman on the planet, maybe I just want to break your heart.
Maybe I just want to be what keeps you up all night, dreaming wetly as you stare at the ceiling, giving you a fresh round of carpal tunnel syndrome.

We all like to hear that we're desirable and the object of someone's affection.  The problem is, when I hear it from the rare lips of a man, I can't help but think it's coming from a forked tongue.
Even though, I just want to be your factory girl. Your favourite faded photo. Etched in your mind and heart.

Always remember, no matter who you are or what you've done lately at some point when it's right, love will keep you up all night.