Friday, November 19, 2010

Note to self- don't sweat the small stuff

You know how while back I made a comment about how some lady thought the binge eating scene in my vampire chef story was a rape and how I would rant later.

It's later.  And now, it no longer seems so .... important.

Here's the thing.  My Spudguns who've been reading me for awhile, might remember in the summer I said I had joined a writer's forum.  That was the story I used.  Also I might add, the first thing other then poems I have ever had the guts to put on the internet, so yay me. 
Well, anyways, I got alot of good feedback for the first half of He's Haunting Me.  Some even came to the bloggy-blog to leave comments and not just on the group/emails. 
Most people were thinking it was going to be a sweet little story about a nice little couple who come from the opposite way of life.  You know,  that whole the guy is so frealing hot that he can have any woman in the city his little prick desires... hey I didn't say cock this time which by far is my favouirte term- but ends up falling for the less then plain girl; typical bulldren.

Weren't they all shocked and awed and even a little tummy turned when I sprang out the fangs.  Well lack of fangs actually, I'm not one who uses fangs too often. Yeah, seems I offended a few people with my neck biting and flesh tearing. 


I had one lady tell me that my "rape depiction was a offence to women"  and that I have no right to be demoralizing everyone with my lack of dignity.

See, I shouldn't be writing this cause I'm getting pissed off again just thinking about it. 

First off, it's not a rape, it's a binge eating.  The whole thing is laced with food from start to finish.
Second, you're going to find what you are looking for if you are always looking for it.  In other words, if you are looking for something that represents a rape scene then you're going to find it even if it's not really there. 

See, this is what really pissed me off about the whole issue. In the last fifteen years, more so then any other time in the history of media/books/movies,  the vampire has been seen as a sexual element, nearly sainted when it shouldn't be.  Everyone has thrown out the other uses for it. 

The Vampire is the most versatile character in literature and has been used for every kind of metaphor there is. 
Dracula's main themes are fear of immigrants, and women's liberation.  Not denying the sexual element is in Dracula, but it's not the only element. 
Anne Rice's novels are about religion and acceptance.  Yes, religion. From book one all the way through.  The element of faith runs hot and cold in Anne Rice's works. 
Lost Boys, about family and feeling like you just aren't worthy enough to fit in. 
Red Blooded American Girl,  is about diseases. Right off, AIDS and Cancer.
Vampire's Kiss is about madness and paranoia.

I could yammer on like this for awhile but you get the point.

It just really gets under my skin how with the whole teenaged goth movement in the last fifteen or so years, how people only connect vampires with sexuality.  Could be why the werewolves and zombie movies are starting to pick up speed.  At lest they still keep their metaphors intact and still mean something beyond the brainwashed.

That concludes tonight's bitchfest.  I return you now to your regularly scheduled blog.