Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I don't want to deal with it

They say you push away from and resist the things you want most in life.  Things you are meant to follow/become.  
Right.  You've heard me bitching about how the only men I am meeting are musicians and actors and how tired I am of that.  Right.
Cousin pointed out to me that I am drawn to these guys for a reason.  It's the Dionysusian factor. 

You can either look up Dionysus or... he is the God of music, art, poetry, wine, drums, fertility,  dancing, sex... Basically your typical rockstar.  Dionysus/Bacchus is my male element, my daemon, my God. 
Those of you who've been following me for awhile already know this. 

I keep finding myself entangled with musicians. And it seems I keep finding myself entangled with them cause my spirituality. 

So I'm doomed it would seem.   Speaking of doomed,  did you know that in the 1200's (or around that time) there was a bass note that was banned by the church.  It's the bass note that activates the lower Chakras (root chakra) in your body. They called it the "devil's note"  The same bass note that is used in heavy metal music.  Black Sabbath was one of the first bands to really put a push on this note.  HMmm.  Maybe Ozzy really is the devil?

No, I'm not a musician can't even read music BUT with my romantic track record I might as well just given in and admit when I do get married it will more then likely be to a singer or something.