Monday, November 29, 2010

Well it is a Monday

You know that line from that old Skid Row song Monkey Business, "freaks come out at 9 it's twenty to 10"

Yeah, it's one of those days and it's only 9:15 AM.

So, the author interview is up on the book blog,  and I went to Twitter to post one last reminder for the giveaway, and there was a mention for me.  I never think to check Twitter messages cause I am not a big twitter-er.  But, damn if there wasn't the strangest one sitting there for me.  No idea who or what they were trying to say. 

Still hoping that the Strombo reads the one I had sent to him, cause that would be cool.  Mind you, he hasn't read my stuff in a long while. I think I might have burned a bridge in the CBC

Let's talk about Youtube for a second shall we, I keep getting youtube invites from the foodie community which is cool.  Odd, cause I only have something like one or two My Newfie Kitchen episodes on Youtube.  I also get alot of requests on there from indie wrestling companies, which makes more sense cause I did a full but short season of my Blind Tag stuff last year.