Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Morning and ....

 Originally posted on cooking blog on Dec 2nd 2010

Yeah I have no idea what I was thinking.  I went grocery shopping yesterday with mom, Ninja and Uncle and that should say everything right there.  Ended up in the cereal row, which by the by is a rare thing for me. Specially since they stopped selling Count Chocula here.  Anyways, I wanted something sweet and it would have made too much sense to go to the bakery or to the cookie row.  I start looking for  Fruity-O's (generic Fruit Loops)  and I can not find them anywhere. I am about to give up when, no word of a lie, this old guy smacks his cart into the bagged cereal.  This fell to the floor. 
I started laughing.  Dude, you know I did.  Poor old guy standing there looking at me cause I'm laughing like a lunatic.  So I bought it.  Look at the size of this thing, it's sitting on my computer chair.  The cereal takes up a chair!  Good god man that will take me all winter to get through. 
Suppose I could always invite a certain wrestler over .... sorry I had to it was a ready made joke man.