Monday, November 1, 2010

Now... November

It's All Soul's Day/All Saint's Day depending on where you are in the world.

no I have not  gotten the article done yet for that new blog I was asked to contribute to.  I'm having a hell of a time getting it written and still have it be family friendly. 

For the first time in years, I had a good Hallowe'en. I'm still feeling groovy.  Usually, I spend the morning cooking, then the afternoon getting ready, little black dress - go for drinks, then a horror movie and dinner before ritual.  Usually, someone cancels, or we end up waiting forever at the restaurant and end up late getting back and supper gets forgotten.  I get stressed and disappointed because nothing turns out the way I hope.

This year I said screw it.  I'm not cooking, I'm not wasting money and time trying to have what should be a relaxing drink, and I'm just tired of people breaking their promises.   Hallowe'en, for some of us Pagans, is a mix of Thanksgiving and New Years.  This year, I stayed in. 

I curled up on the sofa with half a cheesecake and season one of Sex and the City and just relaxed.  Did not cook, did not work did not think.   And with no expectations I had a good time.

I must start doing that more.  Not having any expectations on things.