Saturday, November 20, 2010

Page of Cups, it's a beautiful card

The ultimate card of sensitivity.  The Page of Cups always represents someone who is in touch with their emotions and not afraid to show you.  It's also a card of shyness, study, wonder, faith.  Pages are all messenger cards.  Letters or omens normally follow this card, as do new love/relationships.

I've found that even the ugliest, creepiest of tarot decks manage to make the Page of Cups look beautiful, lighter, joyful even.(this is from the Gothic Tarot of Vampires)
And of course, it's a card that has been haunting me for the last month.  It's no secret I wear my heart on my sleeve, I see no point not to. I hate surprises.

The thing with tarots is, depending on where they show up in your reading, how often they show up, and what card is right beside it, they can represent yourself or someone else.
The Page of Cups is one not too be taken lightly, even though it shines out with innocence.

I've been struggling with this card as of late, trying to understand WHO it's representing, (as it has been showing up with the Ace of Cups, and Lovers both cards for true love) Just myself or someone new?