Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh god it had gelatin

I don't eat the kind of desserts the way I used to. 

No, not counting calories, I'm a foodie remember,  but I am a vegetarian. I've also been trying to cook as vegan as possible. Which given the fact I have O.I. Type 1; is impossible because I need all the calcium I can get.  Cutting out dairy completely can't be done.  Damn I miss yogurt.  

Why do you miss yogurt and where are you going with this ?

Gelatin.  Gelatin is made from animal parts, mostly bone marrow.  Icky.   Which means, marshmellows,  jello-puddings, certain yogurts, and many of those type of desserts are out for me.  Yeah, I'm a label reader for this reason, drives my mom and sister insane when they go grocery shopping with me and on the rare lunch out.

Which brings me to my next rant/observation, certain cookies, crackers and even soups are a no-no too.  Why, because they are made with animal fat and beef/chicken stock. 

And you my dear Spudguns are still scratching your skulls asking what brought all this on today?

When you have been a vegetarian for as long as I have,  having something as simple as a piece of cake with gelatin in it, can cause your system to react as if you've got food poisoning.  Even when it's not.  It's just the foreign substance in your intestines causing your system to freak out till it's out of you.

While at mom's last night, there was cake.  Raspberry chocolate cake.  See where I am heading with this now.  The label on the cake box failed to mention this item. 

Many, many food labels fail to mention that they are indeed NOT Vegan/Vegetarian friendly.  Our local grocery store has gotten better at their instore made items; but still the main warnings are for nuts/soya/dairy  and not animal fats. 

I feel lied to, and still slightly vomit worthy.